#4 Myths Of Skin Wellness

#Myth1 There is only one step of Skin routine that you should follow

It is often been said that follow a particular steps to achieve a good skin. But is it correct? Answer will be NO. It totally depend on your skin . Everyone skin is different,so it will be ok if you follow your own step that suits you well.You will find your perfect step when you experiment with products. But don't use too many product on your skin in a day or week take time and let it go easy on your skin.

#Myth2 A particular product will provide you glow and healthy immediately

Through ads we where being promised that this is that one product that we always wanted isn't it ? And guess what we trust in them and give it a try that after 1 week our skin will be equally glowing as the Lady in that Ad. But trust me it is not possible to achieve that in such a short period or without consistency it always require time when we want to achieve something, there are many such example that you can pick from your life.

#Myth3 Men don't require moisturizer?

It is always being said that they don't have to put anything on there face because of there skin which is 20% thicker than female. The fact is true but the myth? Yes it is definitely a wrong myth . Men do have to apply moisturizer to make there skin look good and also to make it healthy and less wrinkles, fine line in future same as women.

# Myth4 Moisturizer is not necessary for oily skin

Moisturizer is necessary for every skin type. Skipping moisturizer will down the line will reflect on your skin . If we talk about oily skin specially if they think that moisturizer is making there skin more sweaty or greasy they can use water based moisturizer so that it can't stick to your face and you feel comfortable and confident when you are wearing it.

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