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Clear Skin

Dreaming of clear skin? Not anymore, your perfect skin solution is here.

Meaning of Clear Skin?

Free from -

- Spots

- Acne

- Blemishes

- PigmentationWhy you don't achieve your desire skin?

There is a number of reasons to answer this question.

- Hormonal Issue, body issues

- Use of chemical products

- Not taking good care of the skin

- No facials, scrubbing sessions

How can we solve this problem?

- Try using less chemical-free products

- Get into proper skincare twice a week, don't have much time try keeping it one's a week

- Consult a dermatologist get to know your skin type, products that suit your skin

- Always wear sunscreen even at home to protect your skin from the sun

What products to use?

There is a number of products that are available online. You have to trust carefully, according to your skin type.

Company product that I like (Non-Sponsored)

- O3

- Dot & Key

- Kama Ayurveda( If you have sensitive skin type)

What step to follow for clear skin?

  1. Face Steamer - 10 min

  2. Mask - You can use any mask of your choice. Leave it for 10 min

(That I suggest - Aztec Secret

Indian Healing Clay)

3. Charcoal Mask

4. Chemical peel

5. Serums/ Spot corrector

6. Eye Mask

7. Sheet Mask - 20 min

Thanks for reading!!!

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