Clear Skin

Dreaming of clear skin ? Not anymore, your perfect skin solution is here.

Meaning of Clear Skin?

Free from -

- Spots

- Acne

- Blemishes

- Pigmentation

Why you don't achieve your desire skin?

There are number of reasons to this answer this question.

- Hormonal Issue, body issues

- Use of chemical products

- Not taking good care of skin

- No facials, scrubbing sessions

How can we solve this problems ?

- Try using less chemical free products

- Get into proper skincare twice a week , don't have much time try keeping it one's a week

- Consult dermatologist get to know your skin type, products that suits your skin

- Always wear a sunscreen even at home to protect your skin from sun

What products to use?

There are number of products that are available online. Your have to trust carefully, according to your skin type.

Company product that I like (Non-Sponsored)

- O3

- Dot & Key

- Kama Ayurveda( If you have sensitive skin type)

What step to follow for clear skin?

  1. Face Steamer - 10 min

  2. Mask - You can use any mask of your choice. Leave it for 10 min

(That I suggest - Aztec Secret

Indian Healing Clay)

3. Charcoal Mask

4. Chemical peel

5. Serums/ Spot corrector

6. Eye Mask

7. Sheet Mask - 20 min

Thanks for reading!!!

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