Homemade Glass Skin Routine Ingredients under budget

Yes you can achieve so by simple home remedies. If you don't have much time and want to know which products to use you can refer to my previous article.

Link to article - https://www.skinwellness.info/post/simple-glass-skin-routine-bonus-


1. Take Rose petal

2. Neem leaves (if not available you can use neem powder)

3. Add mint leaves to it

4. Boil all of them till 1 min

5. Only take the water of it

(This water will be used to make 2-3 items so take accordingly)

Step 1 - Face Wash / Cleanser

* Besan/ Multani Mitti/ Neem Power

( Its preferred to take all these but if not available you can take any one )

* Take the water we made , mix with it well.

* Keep aside 4-5 tsp of paste

Step 2 - Face Scrub

* Take the paste that was remaining

* Add 2-3 tsp of oats in it

* Stir it well for 1 min

Step 3 - Toner / Serum

* Use the water that we made earlier as toner

* Add tea tree oil ( for acne prone skin only)

* Add any oil according to your skin type / skin problem

Step 4 - Moisturizer

* Take 2-3 tsp of Aloe Vera gel

(available in market for its best to extract from plant if possible)

* Add 2 capsules of Vitamin C tablet

Step 5 - Face Pack

* Besan/ Multani Mitti/ Neem Power

(Its preferred to take all these but if not available you can take any one)

* Add the toner we made

* Lemon / Orange Juice

Thanks for reading!!

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