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Last-minute glam skincare

As festival time has approached most of us don't have much time to take all the skincare steps. I will tell you what all you can do in a limited time flame to make your skin glowing and shining.4 Steps to follow -

These steps won't take you more than 30 mins (Don't wait for your time in 2,3&4 steps to dry do your work in between)

  1. Cleanser - Cleanser play an important

role , if you have used any

product before your cleanser,

your effort goes to waste.

2. Scrub - It gets deep down in your cell and

remove that dirt.

3. Face Pack - It helps you to remove that

excess oil from your skin,

brighten your skin and help

you to remove dead skin.

4. Masking - Improve your skin appearance

and quality of your skin. There

are different masks out there

that provide different benefits.

Buy only what your skin need,

be very particular about it.

5. Moisturizer - To seal all the benefits you got

from your skincare.

6 . Lip Balm - Give your lip that perfect

moisture it needs.

Remember - Try using natural products so that your skin doesn't get exposed to a lot of chemicals.

Homemade pack -

1. Tomato juice (Take about 1- 2 tomato and

make a juice out of it)

2. Yogurt ( Take 1-2 teaspoon of thick yogurt)

3. One Vitamin C tablet

You can refrigerate it for 2-3 days, not more than that.

Mix it well. If you have dry skin you can add 2-3 drop rose water or 2-3 teaspoons of Honey.

Use it for the course of 2-3 weeks and see the difference.

If you are looking for perfect yet natural products -


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