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My skincare routine-

My skincare usually depends on how my day is whether it is a busy day or not. I will not be lying to you, it doesn't mean that as a skin blogger I have a perfect routine plus have time to follow all the skincare steps daily. I always try to include all the steps in my skincare but due to busy days(sometimes), I can't follow all steps.

I have earlier discussed all the process that is necessary and how to use them. So this is my routine when I don't have much time in hand.

Morning Routine -

1) Cleanser

2) Toner

3) SPF

4) Spot Corrector

5) Moisturizer

Nighttime Routine -

1) Micellar Water

2) Cleanser

3) Toner

4) Moisturizer

Twice a week routine -

1) Scrub

2) Mask

3) Chemical Peel

Homemade Face pack -

1. Tomato juice (Take about 1- 2 tomato and

make a juice out of it)

2. Yogurt ( Take 1-2 teaspoon of thick yogurt)

3. One Vitamin C tablet

Thank you for reading. Comment below if you like this.

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