Simple Skincare Routine


1. Cleanser - First and the foremost things that you should always keep in mind before starting any skincare is cleanser, depending upon your skin type. It is important to have one, to keep your skin clear and healthy .

2. Toner - The second step is to have toner to balance you skin pH level. It helps to reduces your pores. Don't use a alcohol based toner.

3. Treatment - It is necessary only if you have any skin issue . The problem can be like spots, acne, dark circle, masks or any other skin issue.

4. Moisturizer - It is very essential to add a moisturizer in your daily routine so that your skin remain healthy and hydrated, it also reduces the appearance of the lines and wrinkles and help to make your skin fresh.

5. Lip Balm - It is equally important as your moisturizer as people often ignore it and skip it. But no one want there lips to be dry, chapped and give you a messy look.

6. Sunscreen - It is not necessary that you only have to apply sunscreen before stepping out from house. It is really necessary to do it when staying indoor.

Night Routine -

1. Micellar Water - This step is necessary when you are wearing makeup the first think before cleaner should be this. Why its important ? Because it helps to remove your makeup easily.

2. Cleaner - Then next step should be cleaner to easily remove the dirt of outside easily and if you are wearing makeup it help to clear your makeup completely.

3. Night cream - The reason why you should use night cream rather than moisturizer because it help you boost your collagen and help in blood circulation level.

4. Lip balm - It helps to make your lip hydrated and moisturized for next morning.

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