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The most asked skincare questions answered.

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1. How can I know what is my skin type?

The best possible thing is to observe your skin throughout the day, especially in the morning. If you see your skin tightening it is likely that you have dry skin. If you have oily or glossy skin all over your face you have oily skin. For combination skin, you have T-zone oily while another face is dry. Normal skin is even.

2. Should we use the toner?

Toner should be included in your skincare it is an important step. Toner helps you to balance your skin's PH level. There is a right process to use a toner in your skincare, I have included that in my post refer that.

3. When to apply sunscreen?

Sunscreen is important whether you are indoor or outdoor. Apply it 15-20 min before leaving your house(outdoor). Indoor when you are doing your skincare.

4. At what age should we take our skincare seriously?

Starting early gives you many benefits whereas I don't recommend a lot of scrubbing than you are in your early teen. Take your skincare seriously especially in your 30s because your skin cell starts to decrease which results in dull skin, aging, and other skin problems.

5. How can I get rid of dull skin?

Dull skin is almost a problem of all age group people. The quick

fix you can do is adding aloe vera in your skincare whether it is in

form of applying aloe vera gel in your skin routine or adding aloe

vera in your product.

6. Sometimes I get acne after I do scrubbing? Why did this

happen and how to resolve?

It is mainly because you are using a strong chemical based scrubbing product. Always use a mild base and one with fewer chemical products. Before buying your product see the ingredients and also taking care of your skin type.

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