What Skincare you should follow in times of COVID-19?

As we have lot of times in our hands why not use it wisely. Isn't it a right time to take care of your skin health. Skin health is equally important as our body health.

It is often being ignore by us.

We make our skincare so complicated that we forget the simplicity of it. But why not to opt for complex one when we have time, to see its benefit lately?

There are step that I have listed that you should be following accordingly and listed its uses. Included some Homemade scrub and face pack that make your skin more healthy.

There are some basic things that never change. Following this basic routine is always be a necessity.

1. Cleansing - It play an important role because if you not clean your face and start applying other steps in your routine, the dust that is already in your face remain there.

2. Toner - It help to maintain your skin pH level and also helps to prevent you from acne.

3. Spot Treatment - It will help you to reduce your skin spots or reduce your marks or any treatment according to your skin type.

4. Serum - It allows your skin to maintain it help and plus is also keeping your skin healthy.

5. Moisturizer - Prevent you from dullness, dryness and keep your skin healthy.

Scrubs at home -

You can make face pack at home as we have time to do so why not?

#scrub1 - Take 2 tablespoon of coffee

1 tablespoon of sugar

Add 2-3 drops of rose water

Apply it for 15 - 20 min.

#facepack - 1 tablespoon besan

1tablespoon rose water

1/2 tablespoon thick curd/yogurt

Apply it for 15 - 20 min

Wait not forget to end it with a moisturizer.

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